Wonderland Secret Worlds

Wonderland Secret Worlds 1.0

Wonderland Secret Worlds is a fantastic and original puzzle and action game
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Wonderland Secret Worlds is a fantastic puzzle and action game in which you have to solve puzzles and unlock keys to get to the level. The game features cool 3D graphics with funny cartoon-like characters, pleasant background music, and good sound effects. Although the graphics look might look a bit silly or childish for some people, the game is not for children and is substantially challenging. In the game you have to guide the characters through the different levels, solving puzzles, collecting stars to go to an advanced section of a map, and avoiding a great variety of enemies guarding the keys, who can easily kill you because the characters do not have any weapons to protect themselves. The games includes more than 100 levels, which get more complicated as you progress. If you have played any of its predecessors, you will find buttons, barriers or deflection prisms familiar, but unique puzzles integrated in each single level, which make the game worth buying. Every level, has an interesting storyline and an original game world, which make the game even more enjoyable and addictive. If you like puzzles, Wonderland Secret Worlds will not disappoint you. It supports Windows 98, XP, and Me.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging. Interesting puzzles. Great gameplay and good music. Many levels and bonus items


  • Childish graphics
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